Dr. Jamal El Zariff

Technical Advisor, Infrastructure & Municipal Assets Sector, Abu Dhabi Municipality (ADM)

Martin Valentine

Lighting Expert, Standards & Studies Section (SS), Infrastructure Support Division, Abu Dhabi Municipality (ADM)

Martin Valentine is a Lighting Expert Executive at the Abu Dhabi City Municipality. Martin has worked in the field of specialist lighting design for over 25-years. His experience encompasses a multitude of sectors from government buildings through to national museums and in environments as uniquely diverse as Antarctica and the Middle East. In Abu Dhabi, his work includes revising all current lighting specifications and briefs and advising on new lighting design standards and best practice. He also leads the implementation of an Emirate wide Sustainable Lighting Strategy, cross-working with other government bodies and stakeholders and has overseen the lighting design on many of the Municipality’s key projects such as Sheikh Zayed Bridge, The Grand Mosque, Sheikh Zayed Street and the Abu Dhabi Public Realm & Street Lighting Handbook.

Dr. Nassra Al Dhaheri

Design & Coordination Director, Musanada

Eng. Khaled Al Madani

Public Lighting Department, Abu Dhabi Distribution Company (ADDC)

Florence Lam

Global Lighting Director, Arup, UK

Florence Lam BA(Cantab.) MA(Cantab.) MSc CEng FIET FCIBSE FSLL

Florence is an Arup Fellow and Director of Ove Arup & Partners Ltd.  She is based in London and leads Arup’s global lighting design practice.  Her particular expertise in daylight, visual perception and holistic lighting approach play a key role in many of her projects, from museums to airports, bridges to city precincts all over the world.  She was responsible for delivering a range of lighting projects for the London Olympic Games 2012.  In the Middle East region, her current projects include the new Abu Dhabi International Airport, Qasr al-Hosn in Abu Dhabi and the Laban Valley Bridge in Riyadh. 

Florence was named the Lighting Designer of the Year at the UK Lighting Design Awards in 2013. She is also the recipient of the Lighting Award from the Society of Light and Lighting in 2014.

Lee Barker-Field

Head of Lighting Design, AECOM, UK

Eng. Ramiz Alaileh

Head of Powerwise, Regulation & Supervision Bureau (RSB)

Simon Miller

Product Conformity Specialist, Conformity Scheme Services, Product Conformity, Abu Dhabi Quality & Conformity Council (QCC)

Sharad Nilangekar

Principle Engineer – MEP, Parsons Corporation

Sandrine Le Biavant

Director Consultancy, Farnek

Sandrine Le Biavant is the Director Consultancy of FARNEK, the Swiss UAE-based renowned Facilities Management company. Lead Auditor for Energy Management Systems and Green Globe consultant, Sandrine is an experienced hotelier and FM consultant also specialized in carbon management processes and GRI sustainability reporting.

Managing a team of engineers and consultants in energy, water, waste, CO2 and social responsibility management advising more than 100 hotels, hotel chains, owning companies and tourist boards in MENA, but also implementing energy management for FARNEK managed facilities (residential, commercial, malls), Sandrine is a passionate consultant. Her specialty is to empower owners and managers of facilities in implementing long term innovative solutions to improve guest experience, operational / managerial performance and profits at the same time.

Ziad Fattouh

Managing Partner & Senior Principal, Delta Lighting

Waleed Fakousa

Senior Associate, CD+M Lighting Design Group

A recent addition to CD+M’s design team, Waleed Fakousa has extensive experience collaborating with renowned architects and designers on high-profile projects around the globe. Prior to joining CD+M, he received a BA in Architectural Engineering and Building Technology and a Masters in Architectural Lighting Design from the University of Wismar. Professionally, Mr. Fakousa spent three years as a designer with one of Germany’s foremost lighting design firms and worked for an industry leading architecture office in Cairo, Egypt. His proven expertise, attention to detail and feasibility and concern for human wellbeing enable him to successfully manage a variety of project types, sizes, locations and demands from inception to realization.

Regina Santos

Associate Lighting Designer, Godwin Austen Johnson

David McNeil

Director, DPA Lighting Consultants

Jamie Watt

Principal/Design Practice Manager, Lighting Alliance